The Work of João Dias – Essay contribution to Museu Grao Vasco exhibition catalogue

“What exactly is it then that we are looking at, in the recent works of João Dias? What happens when the pixel becomes isolated to its own image-object? Do we still agree that it remains fixed to its origin, just one artifact of the implied larger structure?”



Interview with Nathan Lynch

“Nathan Lynch: I don’t think visual art is by nature compelling or necessary. Certain objects/images are compelling, necessary, beautiful and critical but I don’t like to think of art as something we need – that sounds like “eat your vegetables”, and I’d rather think about art like sex rather than vegetables.”



Revolution Aesthetic: An essay on a state of the visual arts in the Bay Area.

The current state of the visual arts in the Bay Area is unsustainable. Not solely because the low and middle end markets have nearly collapsed, but philosophically. A lack of self-awareness has created a drive to foster an art scene that feeds no one, but costs everyone to participate, becoming simply an event, a spectacle, and not at all a movement. Alas, there is no revolution underfoot. And, a divide is growing: on one side are the compulsory hugs, tall-boys and street set metering out a mechanistic existence through compulsory exhibition of cool images, while the on the other are the powerbroker, friends-only, establishment network serving up socially relevant events in the name of art deemed valid via limited support by the academy…”



Interview with Christine Wong-Yap. Interview Series on Artopic.org.

“Irrational Exuberance (Asst. Colors),” … it’s my first proper solo show…. I’ve done solo projects and shows in non-gallery spaces, but this is the first time it’s just my work—my statement—filling a gallery space.

I’m transforming Sight School into a colorful shop-like interior populated with reconfigured discount store items. There will be an installation, sculptures, multiples, one-offs, and maybe even some readymades. They’re all in response to the idea of “cheap and cheerful,” modest ambitions, and pleasure. This comes out of my interest in happiness, psychology and optimism.” </div



Towards the Liminal…Night. An essay on an Art panel talk in Oakland, CA.

“Identifying the threshold, any threshold—the what, where and how of it all—begins with the challenge of identifying something other, something beyond what is current, what is given. Reaching that threshold, and furthermore crossing it, requires a certain…progression. Some say that a threshold—by its very nature—always remains just ahead, beyond, intangible and even attempting to cross it is irrelevant. There will always be naysayers…”</div



My Top 63 + 1 List of Favorite Artists…Part 01
“Seems it is still the season(s) to be making subjective, only-on-my-radar, rather incomplete über lists of favorite artists, publishing them on public yet somewhat hierarchical blogs (I mean this in the most genial and technical of terms)…” </div



A Radical Joke: Attack the Losers!! Up with the Immortal Machines!! An essay on the Future-Now

“It used to be possible to talk about the New Art, in a similar manner to the discussion of the new math, the new sciences or the new religion, i.e. something proposed, discussed and critiqued for merit and usefulness. I’m talking about the worthiness of artwork in our daily lives, as an instructive tool, a memory concretized, or a warning of what’s to come. The “New” artwork is delivered as a statement, a contribution, with an idea of progress, often logical, but sometimes arriving via the unconscious or even by spiritual means…”



Introducing…The Trilogy An introduction essay for the work of Obi Kaufmann

“…in the street and in the backroom-closets where secret projects brewed…somehow, all must be documented, written about, discussed and debated: a DIY historical context created out of dialogue. “WITNESS THE HISTORY OF YOUR OWN MAKING!,” I say. Own it. Share it. Promote it. Wrap up what you know in 3 parts; create an event that brings everyone that has touched you, together.

…and so I realized Obi had known all this as well…”



Scaling Wallworks @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

“…showcasing how artists might address either of two thematic challenges into their work: “split landscapes and culture color.” In viewing Wallworks, there are two main threads in which to analyze the exhibition, namely: the success in which the artists illuminate the building and/or galleries, and…”



Bring You Dangerous Words A poem

” The old beat passed down to a young buck

Humping air

Words from the eternal paradise

…internal paradise

Of sweat and cum

That is youth…youth always forgiven…”



Pete Nelson @ Blankspace Gallery

“Pete Nelson’s recent exhibition at Blankspace Gallery/Oakland titled “ain’t no party like a holy ghost party” is an installation for occupying a sculpto-virtual headspace, leftover by the artist in the gallery and open to interpretation on the meaning between boozing it up fountain-style, sound-byte holy-roller shock attack, and close-ups of sexy lips, i.e. yours, mine, his or hers…”



Perlustration: An Image Viewed From A Disintegrating, Ratiocinative Perspective An essay on the work of Colin Stinson

“Those finger-huggers keep placing me in this damn maze…green wall suffering psychedelic barriers and cheap labor, yet profoundly open doorways put my senses to the test. What is that? A green-blue bumble-bunny monster-crap is blocking last weeks sure-fire straight-line route to the cheese. Paint me yellow, pink and blue and stick a feather in my ass! I am sick of making sense out of this total fucking insanity……”