Logic Stones & Markers ~ Works from 2009 to 2012

These works came out of a visualizing the middle-point between the natural and digital worlds—a type of muge, a state of liberation from duality, a reconciliation of opposites…what could even be considered a ‘loving embrace’ of opposites. I am attracted to objects and environments that reflect nature and technology’s in/direct effect on the human condition, musings on how an artwork manipulates vision—how we see or don’t see the image/object itself—or how an artwork is looking back at us. In my own work, figuration, abstracted and digital forms, narrative and anthropomorphization have been reliable tools through which I can address these subjects.

The most recent series depicts visual patterns, codes and text born of our contemporary digital age set within and among forms appreciated for either their naturalistic authenticity, their spiritual references or aesthetic purity. The work itself ranges from abstraction to anonymous silhouettes, both small-size and on a grander scale, often as pixel-mosaic-filled stone forms, and in addition wall sculpture incorporating geometric patterns, symbols and coded writing from both analog or virtual sources.




Logic Stones


Concerning the series titled the Logic Stones, I attempt to create a relationship with nature based on a subjective manipulation of form and body, utilizing draftsmanship and detail to imply a reality that is altogether fictional.

Installation views are from the exhibition The Logic Stone and other new work @ Rowan Morrison Gallery, summer 2009.