An art practice is formed by guiding principles. They exist and persist through medium, series and subject matter. Such as: ways of seeing, a manipulation of the abstract image, the secrets within pattern or mosaic, or visually describing impossible landscapes. Creating a hum—a visual reverberation—with intention to break habitual patterns of thought via time spent in both considered observation as well as casual viewing. There are processes undertaken as part of a quest to depict the inner mind as well as the concept of soul, within an object or piece.

Recent works depict visual patterns, codes and text-combinations sourced from our contemporary Digital Age, placed along forms appreciated for either their naturalistic authenticity, their spiritual reference or (mis)understood aesthetic purity—visual exercises to open the consciousness to perception beyond the reach of the intellect…seen as talismans of the now. The work itself ranges from abstraction to figurative-yet-anonymous silhouettes, both small-size and on a grander scale, often as pixel-mosaic-filled stone forms. And in addition, wall sculpture incorporating geometric patterns, symbols and coded writing from both analog or virtual sources.