(a) Mind Piece

And these are the fruits of boredom, just
Candle its work
for nothing’s lost in a long day

Labor where the leaf leaved off

– Julien Poirier, from the poem Baies Roses


(a) mind piece. 

Graphite on wood panel, 70 inches diameter, 2012.


Each work I make in the ongoing series Logic Stones is made under certain conditions and/or constraints, be it number of lines or variations on pattern, limitations of tonal values, or in defining the start/end points of each overall mosaic. There is always a desire to begin at one point and carefully, consciously and with patience arrive at the end point (completion) without error…if that is even ever possible in any work of art—an underlying, self-imposed challenge. Along with the constraints, there are other conditions required to arrive at a completed logic stone: the stereo on, a good coffee in hand…things that contribute to peace-of-mind…in a process where each image is only fully realized and defined through the direct activity of making it.


Installation view #01, Working Conditions, SOEX, San Francisco




(a) mind piece in action


As I see it, an in general working condition of the artist is to identify uniqueness in form or concept, and apply another form of direction, care or impulse upon it. This “second layer” is either the artist’s hand, education or reinterpretation…and often all three at once. During Working Conditions, I plan to initiate a visual metaphor to this artistic process with my on-site wall-drawing piece, opening up publically the entire working process between the start/end points within my personal image-making method and reacting to the contrasting working conditions setup within the exhibition itself.

Installation view #02, Working Conditions, SOEX, San Francisco



(a) mind piece finished in the studio




Working Conditions from Southern Exposure on Vimeo.