Mind-uments & Not-things (a process of rebuilding)

Exhibition of recent drawings, collage and video during the month of November, 2015 at Saguão Espaço Experimental, in Viseu, Portugal (with single drawing exhibited at the “satellite” space at Carmo ’81).

Steven Barich’s art practice employs themes and/or rules to directly guide the outcome of the image/object—such that can be described with the words: irrational, negative mass, impossible structure, broken-into-one. The forms manifest in drawing, collage, video and sculpture, commonly presented side-by-side in a single exhibition. The particular artworks in this exhibition are exercises exploring some of these themes, in the revitalization of a studio practice that lay dormant in recent years.

Barich is an American-born artist now living in Portugal in the rural landscape of the Dão valley. He received a MFA from Mills College (2001; USA) and a BFA from the California College of the Arts (1997; USA). Exhibitions include solo shows at Branch Gallery (USA), Rowan Morrison Gallery (USA) and The Compound Gallery (USA), as well as group exhibitions at Southern Exposure (USA), The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (USA), the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (NL), TENT Center for Contemporary Art (NL) and Curators without Borders (D).



Click here to watch the short film

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