(a) Mind Piece — Working Conditions at SOEX

And these are the fruits of boredom, just
Candle its work
for nothing’s lost in a long day
Labor where the leaf leaved off

– Julien Poirier, from the poem Baies Roses


(a) Mind Piece was originally titled A Thing Is A Hole In A Thing It Is Not (after Carl Andre), but as the process of drawing and being involved in the exhibition Working Conditions @ Southern Exposure unfolded, a certain piece-of-mind was reached within that same process, and it seemed altogether more relevant to re-title the work after it was completed.

The below Gallery contains some images from during the process.  Below that is a statement related to the process, and a video related to the project itself, Working Conditions.

A Thing Is A Hole In A Thing It Is Not (after Carl Andre) is a visual metaphor for the conditions and limitations of a particular artistic process: a desire to begin at one point and carefully, consciously and with patience arrive at the end point (completion)…an underlying, self-imposed challenge by the artist.  Barich’s on-site drawing gradually reveals his image making method from start to finish, structured specifically to unfold during the entire length of the exhibition.  The drawing begins with a fragmented shape that is an interpretation of the group conditions of working in an open gallery environment—a situation unlike the artist’s developed studio practice.  From this starting point, Barich works to absorb the initial condition, to bring it into order by overlaying a perfect circle of mosaic patterning as feedback to the exhibition environment.



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